If you’re here looking for ways to…

get those toughest, most desirable prospects to return your call or take a meeting, you’ve come to the right place. I specialize in helping business people stand out, make an impression and get potential customers to pay attention. When you’re tired of making phone calls and leaving messages that go unreturned,  wasting money on direct mail that doesn’t bring results or sending emails into the wild blue yonder, call me. Let’s create a strategy that DOES work.

Here are a few examples of results from collaborating with Zen Rabbit others have seen:

  • Everte spent $32 and got a $25,000 client he wouldn’t have otherwise gotten
  • Jim doubled the average lifetime value of a client
  • Phillip created a tradition his clients looked forward to and talked about

And if you’re interested in

  1. Keeping current clients & customers longer
  2. Getting more referrals
  3. Making more money or more impact this year

I can help you with those things too. Call 561.889.8195 or email Lori @ ZenRabbit.com today to schedule your appointment.